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          Attorneys at MHP have long been recognized by both business and legal communities for their professional, efficient and often innovative services to clients, and have been appointed as long-term legal consultants and partners in fields including, but not limited to, General Corporate and Commercial Matters, Mergers and Acquisitions, Bankruptcy and Liquidation, Investment, Real Estate, Labor and Employment, Securities and Capital Market, Banking and Finance, Insurance, Dispute Resolution, Intellectual Property, Crime, Non-Government Organization, Internet, Media and Technology, Education and Sports, Marriage and Family Affairs, Culture and Entertainment, Health Care, Taxation, Anti-Trust and Competition Law, Maritime, International Trading and Franchising. With an emphasis in “Internet Plus”, MHP has brought reform to legal service conventions, carrying out thorough online and offline client-and-attorney-oriented Services (“O2O”).

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          7F Wheelock Square, 1717 Nanjing West Road, Shanghai 200040, PRC
          Zip Code:200040
          Phone:+8621 61132988